Top 5 slot machines that are skill-based

Put your joystick to work and look at some of the best games currently available for skill-based slots.

홀덤사이트 demand for skill-based slots has been rising for a few years.

Technology advances also culminated in a new wave of video slots featuring immersive bonus rounds and multi-player action.

With skill-based bonus rounds, you can play some 온라인 슬롯.

Offline casinos are really seeing the value of this modern technology in the US. Let’s take a closer look at five of the best skill slots to watch out for in 2018, both recent and current.


Developer: Games for Science
Published: September 2016

Seinfeld is based on the hit’ 90s sitcom, released for land-based casinos.

Seinfeld includes real clips from the hit show, as well as bonuses based on the four main characters, much like all good TV-themed slots.

Based on popular moments from the show, players will cause free spins and instant win bonuses.

Via the Festivus Bonus, the ability aspect is added. Festivus lets players shake the Festivus pole for cash prizes based on an infamous made-up alternative to Christmas that occurred in an episode of Seinfeld.

The difference here is that, in order to win money, players should use their skills to shake a virtual pole.

Beat Square

Developer: Konami Developer:
Published: October 2017

For a few years, video game legends Konami have been making strides into the gambling business.

They took software from popular games such as Ubeat and added a 카지노 gambling feature. Beat Square could be the most audacious slot yet for the maker.

With 16 keys, the game is played on a 4×4 grid. The buttons light up in time with a rhythm, much like an arcade game. In order to gain points and real cash, players must hit the buttons in sequence. While the game is played, a dance track pumps out.

Beat Square features progressive jackpots that are linked through multiple casinos, much like the best video slots. In order to host Beat Square tournaments, the machines may also be connected.

Wrecking Ball

Developer: IGT Developer:
Published: November 2017

Konami is not the only developer who wants to tap into a crowd of video games-savvy millennials.

In the Wrecking Ball slot, US giants, IGT (International Game Technology) integrate conventional slots that play with joystick action.

The Wrecking Ball is played in a special 830-ways-to-win format on four different-sized reels.

The Smash Bonus feature gives the player control over an animated wrecking ball while the game plays like a normal RNG slot. The player pushes the ball using a joystick and destroys the building in order to win cash.


Developer: Upcoming Games
Published: January 2018

Arkanoid from Next Gaming is the winning point for nostalgia.

The goal in Arkanoid is to move the bat at the bottom of the screen and deflect a ball against a wall of coloured bricks based on the timeless arcade game. The more you break bricks, the more cash you earn. Special bricks can also be struck and bonus rounds are won.

For decades, Arkanoid has been a popular video game, arcade, and, more recently, tablet app. The most natural evolution is a step towards skill-based gambling.

Match for Safari

Developer: Blue Synergy
Published: April 2018

The prospects for skill-based games in casinos have been opened up by new legislation in the US. Such games are a blend of talent and potential to provide a completely new way to gamble.

Synergy Blue also has a first-person shooter with real money on their books – ZOMBIE$. But in 2018, a more conventional slot reached casinos with cascading reels and a skill factor – Safari Match.

Designed on the HAWG (Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming) platform from Synergy, Safari Match rewards players on an 8×8 reel grid who match coloured tiles.

The player gets to pass the symbols around using a joystick rather than relying on pure chance. In that sense, Safari Match works like famous apps like Bejeweled or Candy Crush.

The game has a bonus wheel that activates when more than three tiles are matched each time. Up to 250x of the entire bet can be won via the bonus prize wheel.